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Ride On Mowers

Our ride on mowers are great if you
have a big garden or grass area to
We have ride on mowers to suit every
purpose from domestic to commercial.

We guarantee the best prices around
so talk to us today!

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Honda Push Mowers

We have a huge range of Honda
walk behind/ push mowers to
suit any garden.

We have the best prices around so
click the button below and browse
our selection.
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We stock the full range of BERG
go Karts from the standard models
to farm models to racer models.

We have the best prices around so
click the button below and browse
our selection.
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Honda Push Mowers

We stock a huge range of Berg
Trampolines. Favourit, Elite & Champion.
Healthy and loads of fun for the whole

View our models today. Our prices won't
be beaten!
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We have a great selection of
Trek bikes.

We have models to suit every type
of cyclist from hobbyist to professional
and everything in between!
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Check out our range of HARO
BMX Bikes.

We have the latest models at the
best prices around!

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Mowers For Sale


How to find the best Mowers For Sale!

Mowers for sale are easy to come by but it is finding the right company to buy them off and the right brand! Here is a simple and easy way to ensure you pick the right mower for you.
When looking at the market of mowers for sale you will find it is drowned with different makes and models.  This can be daunting to anyone who is buying for the first time.  So narrow it down; do your research and get advice from as many people as possible. You will be faced with *ride on lawnmowers Ireland, push mowers, then fuel or electric, the list is endless!
There are benefits to them all so here you will get to know them.
* Mowers for sale can consist of first and second hand.  Make the decision as to which route you are going to go.

* Next step is to evaluate the type of machine you need.  Take into consideration the size of the area you want to use it on? Whether it is for domestic or commercial use? Do you have the relevant storage and facilities for it?

* Once you have all of the above established then you will decide on either *ride on mowers Ireland or push lawnmowers when looking for Mowers for sale.


they come with many benefits depending on the type of area they are used for.  If you have a good sized garden or are requiring it for commercial use then this is definitely the mower for you.  It is a lot quicker than a push mower and there is less effort and strain required for larger areas of lawn. They are easy to use and create a fantastic even finish. There is a multitude of these mowers for sale!


If you have a small area to cut and very little storage then the compactness of a push mower is ideal, as it can even be stored in the utility room. It is more suited to smaller areas of lawn as it does require some manpower behind it to function which as you can imagine used on a larger area is quite tiring! If this is the mower for you then depending on the size of the garden you can opt for fuel powered or electric powered. If it is relatively small and there is a close by electricity outlet then electric is the easier option.  However fuel will be needed for a larger area as the leads will not stretch some distances. So know your measurements when looking for mowers for sale.

* Next up are the different brands of mowers for sale. We have always recommended either Honda or Husqvarna.  From experience they have always come out on top and been the most reliable. It is however up to you which you go for, so weigh up all the pros and cons of each *brand and even check out different relevant blogs to see what people are saying!

As you will become aware when you begin this process, there are Mowers For Sale everywhere.  By following the guidelines above you will be able to simplify the process dramatically. Going into a buying situation totally clueless can be dangerous territory and will eventually lead to loss of money.  Remember an informed purchase is a good purchase when looking for mowers for sale!

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