Automower House – Suitable for all models

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Beautiful Auto Mower garage in Danish Design. Modern look with built-in skylight panel and Trendliner facade profiles. Robot Home 1 is made of untreated wood and is paintable. The Auto Mower garage can be upgraded, for example with LED-light panels.


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Dimmensions: H77,5 x W111 x L99 cm
Entrance: H35 x W68 cm
Front constuction: 3 layer plate
Designed and made in Denmark


• Wood – for a natural look in the garden
• Clad in modern Trendliner façade profiles
• Stable, protective design suitable for creative painting
• Skylight panel included
• Easy assembly
• Protects plastic components against harmful UV-rays
• Prolongs number of driving hours
• Protects against wind, sludge and rain
• Shadow increases battery life
• Protects charging station