Belrobotics Bigmow Connected Line Robotic Mower (24,000m2)

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Belrobotics Bigmow is the perfect solution for all GAA and Soccer Pitches around Ireland. Fully Autonomous mowing maintains pitches and improves Grass Quality leaving immaculate results all year round with Zero Labour and Zero Emmissions. Grass is mulched back into the ground leaving a healthier playing surface. Bigmow can work at night or any desire time leaving pitches Free for Training and matches. Bigmow is GPS tracker enabled to prevent Theft and is also Fully controlled using an app on your phone or tablet.

Bigmow can maintain ares up to 24,000m2. We currenty have bigmows on GAA grounds maintaining 2 Full Size Pitches per mower

Bigmow is on par with Cylinder mower lawnmowers, giving the highest quality cut possible.

Bigmow is already a partner of clubs in the Champions League and other divisions. Uniform cut, 3 – 5 mows a week and a saving of 50%. Your sports pitch will be in peak condition without human intervention.

We at Fairyhouse Motors are the sole distributors for Belrobotics Robots in the Meath and surrounding counties area. We have unbeatable experience and knowledge in robotics and off a first class service to all of our customers. We believe Belrobotics are leading the field in large area robotic mowers and are of the highest build quality leaving the customer with peace of mind that they will have the perfect lawn all year round.


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Our experience, and that of football ground managers, allows us to report a real saving following the net reduction (or even elimination) of operating costs. Labour is reduced to the essential and maintenance of automower is just a formality. Thanks to Bigmow, your annual gain in energy savings alone is between € 500 and € 1.000 per pitch.

Groundskeepers’ time is precious and their objectives are more focused. Automatic mowing is indispensable to achieve a drastic reduction in manual tasks. The Bigmow robot mower is entirely autonomous and it continues relentlessly. Assign your labour to other activities and choose a long-term partner for any season

Uncompromising cutting method

BigMow is fitted with 5 floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground elevation.

In total, 15 stainless steel blades provide perfect, constant mulching.

Fitted with 5 sonars, the automower will instantly deactivate its cutting system if it encounters an unexpected obstacle.

A cutting width of 103 cm for uniform, safe working

See the difference

  •  24 000 m² in a few hours
  • Replaces several small robot mowers
  • Much cheaper than a garden tractor
  • 10 times lower CO₂ emissions*
  • 8 x lower energy costs*
  • No noise pollution
  • 100% ecological
  • Impeccable turf in better condition
  • Warning in case of theft or malfunction
  • GPS guidance system

Reinvented connectivity

  • A web-based server. Your fleet hub.
  • An app for tablet and smartphone.
  • At your fingertips.
  • An anti-theft solution.
  • GPS location and geofencing alerts.
  • A maintenance history.
  • Proactivity guaranteed.