Echo HC-341ES Single Sided Hedgtrimmer

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The ECHO HCS-341ES  single-sided hedge trimmer has been designed to give the best possible finish whilst making your work effortless and enjoyable. Lightweight, ergonomic design with a powerful 23.6 cm³ engine ensures exceptional performance without causing fatigue. The front-facing exhaust pipe keeps emissions away from the user and hedge whilst the cooling air intake keeps the engine at an optimal temperature throughout operation. Long and thin blades provide superior cutting performance. The leaf collector ensures trimmings are kept from falling inside the hedge.

Professional-grade components, a powerful ECHO engine and renowned Japanese construction make the HCS-341ES a robust and dependable hedge trimmer suitable for daily professional application.


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  • 23.6cc Engine displacement
  • 0.66kw Output
  • 0.50 litres Fuel tank capacity
  • ES-Start Start assist system
  • 0.56 L/h Fuel consumption at max engine power
  • 973mm/38″ Cutting length
  • 35mm Cutter pitch
  • Single-sided cutter
  • Triple Edged Blade
  • Adjustable Cutter clearance