Honda EU10i

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Wherever you need power, the super-portable EU10i will deliver 1000W of clean, quiet electricity to run and recharge your kit, whether on your travels or around the home. Weighing in at just 13kg, the compact EU10i certainly packs in the power and features. Housed within its curved and ergonomically designed case is a highly efficient Honda 4-stroke engine, 2.3 litre fuel tank and Inverter electronics.

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  • Super quiet – Revolutionary technology and sound proofed casing keeps operational noise to just 52dB(a) at 7m at quarter load, that of a typical business office.
  • Pure power – Honda’s unique Inverter Technology produces a maximum 1000W (900W rated) of clean and smooth power, essential for computers or other sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Superb efficiency – Unique eco-throttle runs only as fast as the load demands, improving fuel consumption and extending engine life, achieving up to 8hrs running time on a single tank at quarter load.
  • Lightweight and compact – Weighing just 13kg, it is easy to carry, transport and store.
  • Spill-free re-fuelling – Extra wide filler cap for easy filling.
  • Parallel operation – Two units of the same model can be linked to provide 1800W rated output (optional cable required).
  • DC output – 12V 8A output for recharging batteries (optional cable required)
  • Practical controls – Quick and simple starting and running.
  • Sturdy platform – Rubberised feet minimise vibration and movement.


Technical Specification



Max HP 1.8
Sound Level (DB) 52
Output (kw): Rated Max 0.9 1.0
Output Voltage (V) 230
Continuous Operating HoursWithout Refuelling at Rated Load 3.6-8.3
Dimensions (mm) L:450, W:240, H:380
Dry Weight (kg) 13
Fuel Type Petrol
DC Output 12V, 8A
Current (A) 3.9
Frequency (Hz) 50
Tank Capacity (litres) 2.3