Haro BMX Z18

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Haro BMX Z18


Available In Two Colours:

Gloss Black /Pink.  Model Z18   HA1113

Gloss Black / Green.  Model Z18 HA 1111


About Haro BMX Z18

Capitalizing on the research and development dollars invested in the slightly smaller and more traditionally sized Z16, Haro offers the Z18 for 6-12 year-olds of a slightly taller stature, or for those visionary parents wise enough to buy a bike for their six-year old that they fully expect to last till high-school.. And with all the sturdiness of its basic Z frame and associated components, the Z18 is all but guaranteed to do just that.


Brake Type: V Type
Wheel Size: 18 inches
Frame Material: hi tensile
Frame Colour: Gloss Black & Pink



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