Haro Z10 BMX

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Haro Z10 BMX

The Z series, Z10 is available in:

Gloss Black – HA1100

Gloss Orange – HA1101

Gloss Bad Apple – HA1102

Gloss Bluebell -HA1103


The Z1 is as the name implies, the top of the Z-line model range for true all-terrain bikes. Though retaining the same basic architecture as those lower in the model range, the Z1 has the largest and most mature frame of all the off-roaders. As a sort of hybrid, this will in all likelihood be the first time Junior will have to do without the familiar comfort of a coaster foot brake, a fact which you may want to communicate before he takes that first ride downhill. The Z1 is the first in Haros range with hand-brakes only.


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