Husqvarna 572XP Professional Chainsaw 20″

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​The 572 XP Chainsaw is Husqvarna’s latest saw from its professional range. This ultra-powerful saw boasts a better power-to-weight ratio than any Husqvarna chainsaw with similar engine displacement. Featuring a 4.3kW engine and weighing just 6.6kg, the 572XP offers peak performance even when under heavy loads, the redesigned engine allows for a wider usable RPM range. Compared to previous models with the same cc engine, Husqvarna has been able to increase cutting capacity by 12%, resulting in a chainsaw that’s ideal for more efficient operation when working with longer guide bars


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This Husqvarna professional chainsaw is made with the user in mind. Low vibrations make this model a pleasure to handle, the vibrations generated by the engine and cutting equipment dampened to protect your body and reduce fatigue. A rubber handle inlay gives a safer, more comfortable grip, while the front bar located 10mm closer to the centre of gravity affords improved control. Built to last, the 572XP is packed with all the latest technological innovations available that gives the machine a longer life and healthier engine. A new air injection filter allows you to work for full days with consistently high performance and engine wear. This effectively filters out up to 98% of incoming dust thanks to the Husqvarna filtration system. With Husqvarna’s AutoTune system, the engine is automatically set and performance optimised, taking into account the conditions in your working environment. The new cooling system has been optimized to give improved reliability, along with the engine itself also actively protected from over-revving.


Higher Cutting Capacity
A new engine design offers a wide usable RPM range for peak performance even under heavy loads. This saw offers 12% higher capacity (compared to previous models with similar cc), this makes the saw ideal for productive operations, even when using the saw with a longer bar length.

Offering a 10 times quicker air/fuel mix adjustment, AutoTune™ ensures a correctly tuned engine setting and optimised engine performance in all conditions.

Filtration System
The 572XP carries a large surface heavy duty filter for longer and better filtration. The filter has a large filtration area compared to previous generations. The air injection filters 98% of incoming dust, which provides the chainsaw a healthier engine.

Soft Cut-Out System
The innovative system for engine control is designed for providing a longer engine life. The system monitors the engine and assures that the engine is always protected from over-revving.