Husqvarna Pressure Washer PW350

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A truly high performing machine with robust and purposeful design, for excellent results and demanding jobs such as vehicles and stone walls. The Low Force grip activates the trigger with less effort and more comfort. The induction motor and the metal pump ensure a dependable performance and long product lifetime. Transportation is easy thanks to the aluminum carrying handle. Quick hose coupling, large and robust wheels for better traction, and a long spray lance add to the experience. Two swivel functions, for nozzle adjustment and quick connection, prevent hassle. On-board accessory storage, hose reel and power cord storage make operation efficient. Two nozzles and one foam sprayer are included.

  • Max pressure
    150 bar
  • Water flow
    420-500 l/h
  • Power rating
    2100 W
  • Hose Length
    9 m


Out of stock


Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its design and features.

Low force grip

Low Force Grip

In this ergonomically designed function, the trigger’s activation is perfectly adjusted to your fingers. This means less effort and more comfort for your hand, especially during prolonged use.

Hose reel

Hose reel

Induction Motor

Väga vastupidaval induktsioonimootoril on suur jõudlus ja pikk tööiga.

Induction motor

Metal Pump

The pump is made of metal to minimise the risk of breakage and to give your product a long lifetime.

Aluminum pump