Husqvarna TF325 Petrol Cultivator

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Whether seeding, turfing or growing, Husqvarna’s range of cultivators has something suitable for all occasions. This neat little machine, for example, is the TF325, a compact tiller designed to take all of the backbreaking labour out of soil cultivation work in small to medium-sized residential gardens. Moreover, with a range of optional accessories also available the TF325 offers pleasing versatility for the dedicated home gardener.
Equipped as standard with four rotating 320mm front tines for a working width of 60cm up to a 30cm depth, the TF325 will loosen compact soil, increases soil aeration and removes weeds from flowerbeds, vegetables patches and ground being prepared for grass seeding. Furthermore, with handy plant guard end plates offering protection you can also use the TF325 to weed ground between narrow rows of plants, while optional tine extensions provide added efficiency for tackling heavier workloads. With the addition of optional ridger with metal wheels, the TF325 can be used to help plant your crop.
Power is supplied via a compact but potent 163cc Briggs & Stratton CR750 four-stroke petrol engine. Additionally, this tiller features a high capacity fuel tank to allow you to work uninterrupted for longer. To ensure further convenience, moreover, Husqvarna have designed the TF325 to be pleasingly ergonomic. A two-speed gearbox with forward and reverse gears certainly helps in this respect by increasing manoeuvrability and control, while a handy tine shield works to minimise spray from the blades.
Other user-friendly features include a foldable transport wheel to facilitate transportation, an easy-adjust drag bar for balance in different working conditions, and a vertically adjustable handlebar which folds away for storage and offers quick and convenient access to all controls. All of this makes the TF325 as practical and easy to use as it is effective, offering a long-lasting solution for home gardeners faced with demanding soil cultivation work.


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Engine/motor: Briggs & Stratton CR 750>
Power source: Unleaded petrol
Starting system: Recoil
Transmission: Manual 1F/1R
Gears: Single speed forward/reverse
Tine configuration: Mid-tine
Working width: 60cm
Working depth: 30cm
Handlebars: Adjustable
Weight: 46kg
Warranty: 2 year